Try to start selling things online in 15 mins

Try to start selling things online in 15 mins

Recently, I’m trying to sell some second books, and it’s usually not easy to find a buyer. But I realized, what if you say it is hard to find a buyer, you’re lying!

I post about 40 books online, and sold out 26 books in only 2 days !! How did I do that?

The secret is : You need to find the “right place” to sell it !

For me, I’m living in Taiwan, I can post on TAZZE, Pchome, Yahoo…etc. These webs are famous here, and you can find a lot of clients, but even though you have a lot of clients to show you products, how did you know who’s your right client?

Try to figure out your price is in the average or not, and the title keywords are a short tail keyword or long tail keyword. Dude, if your price is too ridiculous, no one will buy it!

When I figure all of these detail and where to post, I didn’t do much work, I find the ISBN and pictures on Amazon, and post that info on my market page, just take me 2 mins/per book.

The last thing is to compare which site is higher rating and review if you can find out which is the best, just cut off the others. Just keep the focus on one thing at a time, it can make you feel confident and easy to making money.

All you have to do is:

  1. Find the right place
  2. compare the price and title keywords
  3. Get the right info for your products
  4. Check you mail 2 times a day

That’s it! Hope you could try out these tips and get easy money soon.